Co-initiator of Feminism & Beer in Bonn together with Mareike Peschau
The idea of this feminist collective was born in the Social Impact Lab Bonn July 2018, and since 2019 Lucia Mair and Marie Rottmann have joined the collective.

Support of the Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Heath and Rights in Hamburg
Together with Pina Zwingmann, I was able to support the alliance through online activism and as a speaker at the nationwide #wegmit219a action day on 26.01.19 in Hamburg.

Country Coordinator International Youth Alliance for Family Planning
In April 2018, I supported the global network of the youth organization IYAFP for 8 months as a Country Coordinator for Germany.

Co-Author of the book "HomeTelling in Europe“
In 2018, together with Marija Biljan, Yulia Gershinkova and Argyri Kaoukaki, I published a book with a critical perspective on European identity, diversity and borders as part of FutureLabs Europe.

Youth Delegate for Women Engage for a Common Future
For a whole year in 2017, I was able to actively participate in the WHO Ministerial Conference Ostrava in the Czech Republic as a youth delegate.

#MoreThanMyBoday campaign for the International Womxn's Day 2017